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Languages, seeing connections between very diverse subjects (not all connections may actually exist)
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Okay, so after deciding -not- to make an E2 noding account... I made one. I usually can't keep my mouth shut unless it must remain such, and this phenomenon remains in effect in the cloud, and usually to a much less censored degree.

I am a highly detail oriented person, and take great pleasure in making connections between objects/ideas/images/etc. which have no business being connected. I am also quite wordy, and have spouts of archaic verbiage, neither of which cause me shame, and I've been told I often free talk (subsequently explained as a vocalized version of free writing, which coincidentally I also enjoy).

One of the things which I take great pleasure in is noting the differences and similarities (some striking and some abstract and vague) between languages. I'm studying Japanese (and picking it up as though I knew it in a past life) with the goal of Minoring in the wonderful language. I have loved and enjoying learning about nearly everything Japanese I have set my eyes or ears upon (not in the least confined by the reaches of this site or even tens of sources), since before I can really recall taking a serious interest in Japan. My Mother will tell you I've been interested since before I reached double digits. Of course, since you can't ask my Mother directly, you'll have to rely on my word that I won't alter the word of my Mother.

I am rather trustworthy, so I believe you'll be safe there. (But if you think I'm not, then there's really no way I could possibly prove to you otherwise, now is there?)

My inner-humor, that is: the one which makes me snicker and chuckle before answering 'nothing' and falling silent, is really rather satirical and ironic. I love seeing (and pointing out) the fallacies and short-comings of man-kind, even if they also apply to myself. I rarely get the chance to really vocalize my observations IRL, so expect my nodes (whenever I get around to making them) to be full of afore-mentioned observations.

Hopefully, my connections won't twist anyone's brains beyond the point of comprehension, and if I'm lucky, somebody really intelligent will stumble upon my blurbs and maybe even take the time to /msg me.

For those interested, and bored/interested enough to follow through and do some real in-depth research on what kind of person I am, this is for you. I am a Leo of the western Zodiac, and an Earth Snake of the Eastern Zodiac, filled with Yin and a touch of Yang. I also support speculation of being possessed or dually inhabiting a body with the soul of a kitsune (of Japanese Shinto belief), or maybe I'm just the reincarnation of one (read: was one in a past life). I was born and raised in the Western Hemisphere, though I find Japanese Culture and manners more comfortable and easily understood than those practiced in my home-country. It is true, though, that the predominant manner set in my locale is the only one that has been taught to me, and is a habit. I should clarify that they are not deemed more comfortable or sensible just by aspect of being performed throughout one's life.

Enough about me, now I'm going to go read about something else. So should you. (Because, doubtless, you found this after reading something I wrote somewhere. I am not endlessly selfish, only mildly vain, and fully aware of my attractive attributes. ^_~*)

Food for thought::
Does acting selflessly for the purpose of {gaining praise and attention} for acting in a {good and (regrettably) rare manner} thus strip the very act of its value and integrity as a virtue?