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Sweet Darkness, Hellís Fire, Mother Night, and may the Darkness be merciful!
If you want to bed a woman, do it in the bedroom. If you want to seduce her, do it in the dance.
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The best way to get to know me is to know me by talking, not by reading my profile, but the next best way to know me is to read what I write. This is true for everywriter everywhere anywhen.

To humor those who have come seeking information regarding myself, I will indulge in a few tidbits that would seem common knowledge to those who know me well.

  • am new to E2
  • am an avid fan of:
    • fiction
    • fantasy
    • sci-fi
    • mystery
    • suspense
  • Particularly good at Languages
  • Particularly interested in Astronomy/Astrophysics
  • not necessarily amazing with advanced math
  • take delightful pleasure in roleplaying
  • most of time goes to:
    • watching anime:
      • Yu Yu Hakusho
      • Princess Tutu
      • Bleach
      • Naruto
      • Inuyasha
      • (so on and so forth, to be updated... maybe)
    • Reading fanfictions:
      • mainly on Fanfiction . net and Mediaminer . org
      • mainly on the anime listed above
      • with occasional inclusions of fanfics about books I enjoy reading (see below)
    • Writing my own works:
      • fanfiction (those listed above on others on occasion)
      • fiction (several works, mostly in short story/incompleted story version)
      • poetry (most of which to be posted here)
      • mindless chatter (it helps to clear the mind of clutter, sort of like meditating, except that you can read and mull over what you cast out of your mind once it's gone, unlike with meditating)
    • Reading Books: (certainly to be added on to, the list never stops growing)
      • Harry Potter (the seriest, minus '7' I can't get myself to read it, dunno why)
      • The Black Jewels Trilogy by Anne Bishop
      • Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop
      • Just Ella
      • Ella Enchanted
    • Creating languages of my own
    • creating written codes of my own
    • learning languages:
      • Japanese
      • Spanish
    • Watching the sky (either night or day, clouds are pretty too, but nowhere near as beautiful as the stars)
    • trying to name stars/constellations from memory and imagining their form in my mind's eye
    • pretending that I am a Black Widow Healer Queen that has Black-Ebony Jewels and calls Lucivar Yaslana 'Papa' and Daemon 'Uncle' and Saetan 'Poppy'
    • giving everyone I meet a caste
    • giving my professors a Jewel strength and caste
    • Quoting memorable movies and books (for instance: "So if one of the darlings in the coven offers to explain things to you, dont take her up on it. She'll sincerely be trying to help, but by the time shes done 'unconfusing' you, you'll be banging your head against a wall and whimpering." Lucivar explaining male rules to Daemon)
    • Pretending that I am a fox demoness with quarter ice and quarter fire demon bloods racing through me
    • curling up beside people, waiting to be pet
    • Listening to music:
      • rock
      • classical
      • baroque
      • romanesque
      • plainchant-plainsong-gregorian chant
      • indie
      • trance
      • pop
      • metal
      • symphonic rock
    • Interpreting songs to match characters created by other people or myself:
      • Nightwish (really crazy stuff on Dark Passion Play, interpret in the direction of Anne Bishop's Black Jewels Trilogy. It seems as though that CD is mostly directed to those books. I have half a mind to ask Tuomas what he was thinking while writing the songs)
      • Vanessa Carlton
      • Within Temptation
      • Evanessance

*quirks eyebrows* Well, I never really put much thought to it, but here's the results of a quiz that I'm not putting too much weight on, yet.

What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
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You scored as Democrat

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My First Reaction - 'Holy Shit, I could be a Nazi (only a 17% chance, but still. Thank the Darkness the guy who made this is not a weatherman)'

Second Reaction - 'Whoa, I'm Democratic, and child to two Republicans. Guess that proves bloodline doesn't have too much sway in political opinions (I'm just glad I took this before I was able to be swayed by the emotional explanation my father's going to give me in a few hours. Thank goodness he doesn't see this, he'd probably try even harder to make me a republican)'

Third Reaction - '*snicker* I have a better chance at being a Communist than being a Republican. Granted that only because of Alphabetical technicalities, but hey! Who's counting?!'

Possibility for change, as always.

A mind such as mine is prone to wandering, and is more akin to smoke than water, but even smoke has predictability.