aka Damon Gough.

Entertaining and prolific British tunesmith and collaborator of James Lavelle (UNKLE), and UK pop groups Doves, Dakota Oak and Alfie.

Prior to the release of his debut album, Damon was responsible for five EPs of gloriously scratchy, groovy, tuneful songs that veer between half-formed nursery rhymes to straight-ahead garage rock to the danceable breezy pop of "Once Around The Block". Oh, and if you really want to own the first EP, be prepared to mortgage your house.

The debut album, "The Hour Of Bewilderbeast" was released in August 2000 to a warm critical and commercial response. The album also won Britain's "prestigious" Mercury Music Prize, beating the Coldplay album, among others.

Damon also co-runs the exceptional Twisted Nerve record label with frequent collaborator and fine musician-in-his-own-right Andy Votel.