The fifth album by legendary Brisbane pop group the Go Betweens, released in 1987.

The lineup on this record is considered by many to be the "classic" Go B's lineup - Grant McLennan, Robert Forster, Lindy Morrison, Robert Vickers and Amanda Brown.

In many ways, this is the archetypal Go Betweens album, in that there is a good mixture of their sweet pop moments (Grant) and their more angular side (Robert, usually). 16 Lovers Lane is a better album overall, but is not as representative of their body of work as a whole as Tallulah is.

1. Right Here
2. You Tell Me
3. Someone Else's Wife
4. I Just Get Caught Out
5. Cut It Out
6. The House Jack Kerouac Built
7. Bye Bye Pride
8. Spirit Of A Vampyre
9. The Clarke Sisters
10. Hope Then Strife