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One of the greatest inventions of [humanity].

I had studiously avoided drinking red wine for the first 24 years of my life.

Whilst in [New Zealand] on a work trip, I was forced into a situation where my [dining partner] had ordered a [bottle] and it would have been [impolite] to not have partaken. The first [glass] was a bit of an [ordeal], an [unfamiliar], almost [nasty] taste. But by the third gulped-down glass, it was beginning to have more than just an effect on my [sobriety]. My god, I thought, I'm actually starting to enjoy drinking this!

I had found my [drink]. [Beer] would no longer cut it for me. [Spirit]s, while still enjoyable in [moderation], were too harsh for the level of [consumption] I enjoy.

I've not looked back. Red wine makes me feel like the [artist] I so desperately wish I was.