I went to my second wedding of this year yesterday. I also have three to look forward to next year. I never imagined being 25 would mean everyone I know would be getting married. It's rather perturbing. But the wedding itself was completely beautiful. The ceremony was held on the docks in Williamstown in the sunshine and light wind. The wind served mostly to eradicate the chance anyone might hear the vows being spoken, but the general gist of what was being said was pretty obvious.

At the reception I got myself utterly plastered on red wine, and enjoyed the stunning wedding food - oysters, steak, sticky date pudding, the works. The speeches of the bride and groom and their parents were impressive and not a little moving, especially the groom's speech which made me a little teary. An extremely rare occurrance.

There was a fortune cookie for each guest, and I recall mine being absolutely hilarious once I'd added the obligatory "in bed" but thanks to being slosheroo I don't remember what it was.

Today was the first day in my new office, 15 floors below the office my department left on Friday afternoon. It has its pros and cons - the main cons being the lack of air conditioning (we have some standalone fans set up) and the weird positioning of the office in relation to the rest of the building (to get to the cafeteria you have to physically leave the building and re-enter it through the main section to get to the elevators).

Tomorrow is a public holiday here in Melbourne, for our annual Melbourne Cup. I have no particular interest in horse racing myself, but a day off is always nice.