Frank Chu is this fascinating bloke who wanders San Francisco carrying a sign reading...

Impeach Clinton
Twelve Galaxies
Guiltied to a Zegnatronic
Rocket Society

The genius of the whole thing is that every day he changes the sign to read "Omegatronic", "Octotronic", "Technotronic", "Ultratronic" etc. etc.

Frank believes that he and his family have been filmed for years now without their knowledge and the show has aired as "The Richest Family". He found out that he was a star (and appeared on the cover of Newsweek, Time, etc.) because California Correctional Officers who were really movie stars who were really KGB agents told him---through ESP. In fact, nearly all the movie stars have ESP. Frank is not from another galaxy and never contends to be. He hasn't even visited them. He is aware of them (possibly) through ESP being sent to him by Soviet ex-presidents (alive and dead/resurrected) and KGB agents. Clinton, Hillary, and even Chelsea are "guiltied" of being in collusion with the first 12 galaxies away from our galaxy, while Frank is being aided by the Zegnotronic (120 galaxies away)

He always wears a fairly respectable two tone suit although it's been noted that of late it is getting a little tatty. Not personally living in San Francisco myself I can only hope that he's still out there.