Regarding Ereneta's argument above: The idea to list the features humans have in common with herbivores and carnivores is a good one. However, you left out some key facts. For example, you mentioned cellulose. Human beings cannot digest cellulose (fiber) which is a key nutrient for purely herbivoric animals. Indeed, the appendix, which facilitates cellulose breakdown in herbivores, is nonfunctional in humans, which is why fiber runs right through my system. It is clear from this and from the other facts you pointed out that humans are biologically adapted to be omnivores - we literally eat everything. Prehistoric records show us that mankind has eaten the flesh of animals since the dawn of our species; it is postulated that an ancestor of modern humans drove the american mammoth to extinction. In summary, we are well-adapted to eat meat so it tastes good so I eat it because it's not "wrong" because in order for life to survive, living things must die. Thank you.