Man I CAN'T STAND Jenn's theme for E2; she's got that girlie-ass purple/pink theme, gag.

Whew!, glad to be back on my own account.
That girl wore me out with just the C&P (copy and paste) noding! Now I can see how she got to level 4...

Well at least I kept entertained, I listened to all my Prodigy albums straight through, I had been waiting nearly a week to do that with my new pair of Grado headphones (SR-80's), but someone "ganked" my copy of MFTJG a few months back when I "DJ'd" at a party for a friend.
I bought myself a brand new copy but I miss my old one, this one looks... "too new". *sigh*
Well I did break-in my Grados so they really made my old skool techno sound like crap.

Nothing like a good set of headphones!

Man I could sure go for a doughnut about now (02:19).

In the last six hours I have replied to a little over ten of Jenn's email's thank "the higher power" that Christopher is sending her a Zip Drive and disk with the modem drivers already on it. Plus he had the foresight to install the Zip drive on the laptop before he returned it to her. He is quite a guy.

Christopher told me about the ekw theme... I love it! Messing with it now at work as we speak; It's making me want to implement cascading style sheets into our website (12:51).

I know how much Jenn hates lowercase "i" 's so i fixed them all in this w/u. ;)
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