OK so this is my first day log.

I took a roll last night for the first time in a few months (closer to a year). Needless to say as many blackmarket drugs tend to be, my roll varied in its effects and time to kick in. The damned thing didn't kick in untill 1 A.M. (just over three hours from when I took it).

So here I sat in my big comfy chair chatting away with my good friends John and Jenn waiting for it to kick in. John, which i've known for about 12 years, and I play Quake 3 on this new rule we agreed upon last week called the "10:10 rule" it basically states that my sorry ass will attempt to be online and ready to login to our illicit Quake 3 server at work at approximately 10:10 PM CST (22:10 hrs) and play with him, a hardcore Quaker for ten frags and/or ten minutes whichever comes first. I had told him that I was keeping this pill for the longest time previously but tonight this Quakematch was an "experiment" and I told him we _needed_ to play to test out the effects of E on my gameplay (which sucks to begin with because I don't play much).

At that time the effects were quite mild and I didn't notice I had any to be truthful until I blind-sided him with a depleted uranium slug during a close confrontation, the kind where I get shot in the back with the "pea-shooter". Turns out I was experiencing tunnel vision so it enhanced my aim in the area directly in front of me. I still lost, but not by much and I gave him a run for his money. So I did what every guy would do I declared a rematch and also lost, again, not by much.

I then returned to Jenn which had to log off in an few hour and tried to explain why I had to leave her for a game. I then proceeded to have the usual Friday night chat I usually have while trying to detect when the serotonin was affecting my mood.

A few hours later It had kicked in and I started acting all typical, telling my friend John how we had to play and quick! He SSH'd into our server and launched the scripts for a quick game. I couldn't type well at that point and had killed the light long before to get better visuals from the built in iTunes visualizations that were transforming to the music John had remixed earlier that week with the game Frequency. The song was perfect, the time was right and I got my ass kicked RAW. But back to the game, as soon as I entered I pulled up the console and typed to him:


I'm working on it, i'm working on it! I had to SSH in and get the game logs, but I dunno how to retreive them since we're not running FTP on that server. I will finish! - OCD talking