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mission drive within everything
To Influence Enough People to Reach Social Critical Mass and Ignite An Evolution in Human Society, And get layed
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"Asif You Take Life That Seriously"
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Age 19

Gender: Male

IQ: 150 (Give or take a dead pixel or two)

Average Time Online per day:
16.2 hours

Average Time awake Per day
16.3 hours

Currently Running on:
Windows XP Pro
AMD ATHLON 64 2.01 gHz
NF3250K8AA-ERS Motherboard with
Intergrated Sound 5.1 channel AC97 (Realtek)
Matrox Millenium PCI Graphics (Lame)
Creative Audio PCI (Secondary Sound Card)
1x Floppy Drive
1X Atapi CD rom
2X 60Gig HDD

Speciality Subjects:
Mental Analisys,
The History of Nintendo
Sound Engineering
Fat32 and NTFS
Human Sexual Interactions and Subcultures
Star Trek
The price of Street Drugs

Current Projects
Learning Hypnotherapy to Practitioner Level
Writing Album
Finding a Job
Writing a Book
Seducing Suggestable Guys