Although I guess this isn't classed as nasty sexual imagery, this is as good a place as any to mention it.

I remember that shortly after The Lion King, there was a story in the tabloids about a recall of the talking storybooks. You know, those books that have a panel of buttons down one side that you can press to make various story related sound effects. Apparently, the Lion King edition of this book had parents up in arms. There was a button for Rafiki the baboon, I can't remember exactly what he was supposed to say. Many people had decided that he was saying something very innapropriate, and Disney quickly had the book recalled.

Now apparently this didn't apply to their very own Euro Disney. I went there about half a year later, and after spotting said story book in one of their many gift shops, I couldn't resist having a listen, even though I was pretty sure all of the offending books had been replaced by 'safer' versions.

It turns out I was wrong after hearing "SHOVE BANANAS UP HIS ARSE, SHOVE BANANAS UP HIS ARSE!" blaring out of the tiny speaker on the front. I stood there laughing to myself, nobody else seemed to notice. I soon made sure all my friends heard this too, I would have liked to have bought the book, but alas, I was much younger and couldn't afford the extortionate Disney prices.

I still to this day have absolutely no idea what Rafiki was actually supposed to be saying.

3/3/01: Powers has just informed me that Rafiki was actually supposed to be saying "Asante Sana, Squash Banana" . Shows how shitty the speakers really are on those things.