A pretty boring day in all. Decided to take infinite jest into work to read some more as I get too bored for words these days. I got about 2 chapters in all as someone would comment on the size of the book every five minutes, or ask why I had two bookmarks.

The highlight of the day? A cool fucking toy in my cereals when i came home (I eat cereal all the time, any time).
Now usually cereal box toys these days are pretty shit, so what did I get that renewed my faith in Nestle, Kellogs etc?... Well, in my box of Chocolate Shredded Wheat I found..


That's right, in my hands I have my very own pieces of Gibeon SRC 6 Meteor. Actually, they look like iron filings. I have about 0.00001 grams (that's a lot of zero's, take a drink Eva fans) of shiny metallic filings that have some stamp of authenticity from:


So upon further research, I can now show some 'amazing' facts about my sample using it's authentification number.

Fall Site Location:Great Nama Land, Nambia, South Africa.
Discovery Date:1836
Specimen Weight:12.762 KG
Nickel Test:Positive
Structural Classification Test:Positive
Type:Octahedrite Symbol: (IVA)
Band Width:0.3mm
% Nickel:7.69%
Classification:Iron Fine Octahedrite
Origin:Asteroid Belt

What a cool thing to put in cereal boxes, I really hope they inspire some bored kids (or even adults).