P-38 "John Wayne" Military Can-opener

Commonly called a "John Wayne" by Marines and sailors, this small stamped-steel device was used to open C-ration cans.

The device consists of a rectangular piece of steel, about 1" long and 3/8" wide, with a tiny hook cut out of it, connected by a tiny hinge to a nearly triangular piece, with a sharpened end. It folds away neatly when not in use, and has a hole in one end for attaching it to a key-chain or dog-tag chain. (If you do put it on your key-chain, don't be surprised if it tears up your pockets and pokes you on the leg occasionally)

You can see a drawing of one here:

                  i@B 0M8aS222X7riiiiii,    .;iiiiii::..:,     ..                                   
                :7@MM 2MS222SSa0WWB000WWWBB@MMBBBB000W880B0Z7.                                      
               SW8S0M  X27r7777rrrr;;;;rrX22SX77SXr7rSSXSSXX2X;  .                                  
           i7Z82XS28MX X7SXXXX7XXrr7r7rrrXS7rX7,;SaZr7,;Z2SX:SS                                     
        .XZZ;i7;2BW0XZWX77XXXX77777rr7X2a2aZ2S7,:. ir,    i7Sr7.                                    
.      Xa2Xi,0Wr.:i2ZaaiS277XXSSSXSSSX7XXa0W0Z, ;i  .rMMMB; .XS:                                    
    28SX7i:i8MMX. iXSiS2rXXrXSX727XXXXri.XZ2XZ2. ,       2@8 ,Zi                                    
   MM.i,Xi;  MMai,i:Zrra7SaX7X772SSS22X7.X8ZSXW0;,.       7MZ7r2.                                   
 ,BMX Z X:2; MM0;:;;2ri2XraS77Sa2S2aZa77,rS202Xa0::.  .    aarZir.                                  
 iMM: S,r:XM XMMX:.,72rSXXrXSX2aSXXS2a22,.i.72rS27    .    ;; @;27                                  
 7MM..;:i;:M  MMZX.:iSXXX2XSaSSS2XSSSSS2, Z:rSrSSB, .      i:XBirZ                                  
 rM@ ir7rS.MW SMMZ:;r7rS7SSSXX7SaaaZaa2ZX S7r;;Xr0X  .,   i8BS7.ia7.                                
 rMB ;i7rr.XM  MMai.iXX2:rrrX22X7SSSaaSXS,,7:rX;iSZ   ,:a0Za7:rSrrX                                 
 rMZ riii;i.W2 ZMMX    8XXZSSS2Xrri;SaX7Z, S7X2.;;ZS  . :r;rXr:Xri7:                                
 iMX 7;;7X;iSM :MMaXS ,B7 S2X7S2X7XXSSX2Z;:.XX: 7SaB  . :iXr22X7rrS2                                
 iMi 7rrrrii:M7 WM0;: .27rXSSX2arXaZXrXZ2r: 7. ; 7;BX    ,SXXXX7r7;2:                               
 rM:.777;i;r WW :MMr. .7X7rXSX22;72a7i7SXa2 7X,7 X;ZW   .:;777X77r:SX                               
 XM,:XXXiiS2,7M; MM02i  rX7X7rS27rXSSXXaSSZ i27  .irWi   ,,X7rrXX;r7S:                              
 :M :irr;;;r;:@@ 2M8S, :X7XSSXSSS722X22SS7S,,7Z ;X.;0Z   ..7Xr2Sr;7i7S,                             
  M ,;77r;;;i;;M  MMB;:.ir;;X2Xr72X;;2ZXXXSriiZ, i.i7BX    :;;SS77ri;X:                             
  M :7rrrrr;i2,M8 8M@r7. 787722SZaa7.,;722S7i Xr ,i,:00,  ..rXX;;i7rr7;                             
  M i7iir777;X.2M .MMSa  .0i:887;22SSZ2rXXrXX iX iS,;ZWr  ..:X7;77i,:7Si                            
  M 77irr77rr7:;WS BMa2; .2X.rZ22SZZX;rSS;;SXi 7;  .,,2X   i:;7rii,i7i7X  .  ,.                     
  M 7Xi;;rrr;r;iaM  MMSX  X2ii2SaXXX2aaaZXX2SXi7;   77200  .,;rr;;;7r:i;,                           
  M ;Xi;rrrrrrrriMS BMB7  .27i7Xa2SXS2Xr7XS27ii,ii  X:iX8i   :;r;ri;iirra   .                       
  M :r;r7777X;r2.ZM .MMS:. aarrX2XXXXXXXSSSSX7; ,S:.X;SSZa   ,;;rrir;rr:S:  .                       
  M;.;S7rXr;Xri7:rM, MMaa:  ,: ,;X7XSXXS2XXXXSX:iX, i, ;aZ.  ;r:XXri;7;iX7                          
  @Z.iX7rrrr7Xr7X.0M rMM8.  SMBM8.raSSaXXXS2XrS;:r;,i;:7SZ;  .7:;X;irX7:iX,                         
   M ;7X7;rXrX7rX,7MX S270MMMMMMM:,X7rS77X22Xr7r.,i:. .:iZZi  ;iiXr:;7;.:;ri                        
   M ;rX7irX;rr;;ri8MBMM.702i72WMX ;; irSaaZaX7Sr,,7: ,.,aZ7, ,ri7S777r;X.XX   .                    
   M ;:r7i;X7;r777;:iXZXirr72220M8  ;,ri:  SBZX77; a. : .SaS7  r;;rrrii;S.rS.                       
   M;,i;rr;r7rr7777riir;raaa8a28MW;XWMMWZ,   20Xrr,Z; ,:,ia0a  .r;7X7rii;;rXi                       
   2a r;7X;:;777XX77;rSX;7S77ZW8S MMB0BBMMM,  :a;r:;r   . iX2i  ;;rrXXr;irirS.                      
.  ,W i:rXr;r777777XXrXSSX228BZaMMMMMM0ZBZMMWi ZiXi.7r  XX7SZa, ..r7XX;r:rirX.                      
    @.iir77ri77X7rXXX222SS8@BZMM    2MM888@WMM :iriX7i   . ;Z8;  ,r;rS;Si;;aSr.                     
    a7:rrirXrX7XSS2SSXXSaZ0ZMM.       MM@200BM, r2ri.82  ,,ia0X   7irSiS;i i ;S                     
    r8,7r,ra77rrX2SXXX200BMM,   ....  :MM8B0B0Z .X7X;;2  .  XZa;  7;;SiX;.,2ZSSi                    
    :W 77,;2777r722riaM@MMS         .  a@880@WZ. ::7;.X7    rSa2  .;iSrXZ:   ,7S                    
    .8:77:;X;7SSXXr:ZMMMM           .  ;M@ZZBM@X ,,r;rX8    .S2ar  7X;rXrZrrZXS,:                   
     XXX7;rXria2ii8MMBMX            .   8MBBB0M7. ,XS: X     S22S: .S;;r.X, r a;2                   
     :ZrirXSXSZSr2MMMM           ..     :MBW0ZM02X:7ai,iS    ,XZar  Sr;7rSX 2 S:X:   .              
     :Z;rX7XrX;:8MMMB    .              ,M2@MMM077rX2S7;S; ;  ,0S2  i7iS7rXX;r2aSZ                  
  .   8Z7r7SX;,8ZMMr  .  .               S  irXSSaaSS:ri;2    .82Z;  S;rr;7r;r ,r2;                 
      iZX;X;r:ZMMM:   .                  aa .2X7XX7r7Xa7;Z7    iZBZ  ;r7SS7;72 ,r7Z                 
  .    aarSiS@MMM                        8W  S87irS2S2SS7iS  , .0ZZr  iX;ir;r2;S;;S;                
       ;0riaWMMM                 X2,   i8MMr  MraaXS2SX2a7S7    7ZZ8  .ZirSir;,;  7Zi               
        M:78MMM.                  WMMMMMMWMB, 72;SX;rX7XXrr7  .  r2Bi  X:ra;;XXXS:;:Z               
        82M@MM    .               .8MM0BBZMBS  W8rSSXSX7XX;7: :  ;a07  rS7X:;S: S.0.8,              
         MMaM     .                70@8ZZS00Wa iWX2ia8ZSS8XXX     8ZSi  ;aS7;7Z i 8.XS              
         MM0                        aWMB8W0ZW0  aa7a7:XZZSr7Z     ;MZa, iXii7i2rZ;,0XS.             
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                                     .   BWZ2aZZZZ2  W77aSSSX7rS;     2ZM:  Za7iS7X2rSS 0S          
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                                          rM8a2Z200Z  0aa8rXSaZ7r      XBW  i0aZXrrX2iSa :W         
                                           8BBZ8a80Wi iWXrS2;;7:7r     i2Wa  XB2 70 rS0W.r8         
                                           iaZZaaa80B  20X0Sa2ZS2S.  , .XB@: .BM iS,S2r.rSB:        
                                            ,0@02a2WBr  WraXSXXXr7r  .  ;8BS  S@aZ2SSX2a2::7        
                                        . .  .WMa2S0W8; i0aS2SSX7XX,     20W   ZZX7r7XSBM08Wi      .
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                                                   .aMB088BWW  SB;0X7ria220Sr0WZZZZ2X7X777XSSa27XM: 
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                                                    rZWWaZ00MMX  B7;XSXr,:;XZ0Xi;SS2aX7XSSSXSWMM7   
                                                     aWW@8B08MX  :@XXX7X,X;:;S;.,X:,r;SSS8@@Wr.     
                                                      SBW808aB@Z  Z;rXSB8W2XXrir22X0MMMWSi          
                                                      ;BW@88WWMBi ,,rXXaXrSaZ0MMMM@S                
                                                       28MB8B2@BZXW0B08MMMMMBS.        .            

It works by attaching the rectangular end's hook to the can lid, such that the triangular piece pierces the top of the lid. By working it back and forth, you can traverse the entire lid of one of those cans in about 38 cuts. (Today's cans take longer).

Invented in 1942, and carried by US Armed Forces during World War II, it was an indispensable tool, often carried on the dog-tag chain, and used for much more than just opening cans. It was used for prying, cleaning, and on occasion, even rifle maintenance tasks.

Since the introduction of the MREs, (Meals, Ready to Eat), which do not contain cans, these devices are no longer issued by the military. However, it is possible to find them for about $1 (US) in some military surplus stores. If you should manage to find one, hold on to it, as these are getting harder to come by.

Funky49 says the P-38 was called a John Wayne because he demoed the P-38 in WWII training films. Because soldiers couldn't remember to ask for a p-38, they instead asked for a "John Wayne". Thanks, Funky49.

  • http://www.dtic.mil/soldiers/august94/p45.html
  • Personal experience in the USMC