My wife did such a wonderful job cooking our Christmas dinner.
(I helped too - I made the green bean casserole)
Our goal was to create such a beautiful meal that my dad and step-mom would want to come back up next year. Seth and Ike are such a hassle to travel with - diaper bags, playpens, clothing, etc... If we can just get my Dad to drive the hundred miles or so from Waco up here to Lewisville, it makes things so much easier. Every year, we shuttle back and forth between Dallas, Austin, Waco, and Pilot Point, and get frazzled in the process.

Anyhow, the dinner was great, and everyone was satisfied.

Only one dish flopped.
It was corn casserole. (Ugh!) It was the first time she had made it. Not from a recipe, but just trying to copy something her mother had made for us the day before.

It sucked.
But, I dutifully loaded my plate and forced down a few bites. I'm all for honesty in a relationship, don't get me wrong. But my wife doesn't have a whole lot of confidence in the kitchen. I really want to build her up in this area. When she makes something good, I just go on-and-on about it. When it flops, well... I just make believe.

I almost got away with it.
After the second round of leftovers tonight, I cleared the table, and was putting the food away again. Seeing that the corn casserole was dwindling, and thinking that I wouldn't mind if it went away, I absent-mindedly hollered this to my wife:

"Jennifer, Do you want to save any of this corn shit?"
I knew I was busted... "No, I don't want to save any of the corn shit", came the reply. We haven't spoken of this again. I hope that she won't be discouraged...