Paul Darrow is an actor. He was born on the 2nd May, 1941 in Surrey, England. He went to the Haberdashers' Askes School and studied acting at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

His first television appearance was in 1959 as Mr. Verity in 'Emergency Ward 10', a role which he played for 73 episodes. For the next twenty years he played various bit-parts and minor roles in British TV programmes, including Captain Hawkins in 6 episodes of Dr. Who. These are his more major roles:

Emergency-Ward 10 (1959) - Mr. Verity
The Flaxton Boys (1969) - Captain Steerman
Mister Jerico (1969) - Receptionist
The Raging Moon (1970) - A Doctor
Murder Must Advertise (1973) - Mr. Tallboy
The Legend of Robin Hood (1975) - Sheriff of Notingham
Public Exposure (1975)
Marital Rights (1975)
Intimate Relations (1975)
Blake's 7 (1978) - Kerr Avon
Drake's Venture (1980) - Thomas Doughty
Guardian of the Abyss (1985) - Michael Roberts
Maelstrom (1985) - Oliver Bridewell
Making News (1989) - George Parnell
The Strangerers (2000) - C.D.
Ghost Watch 2001 (2001) - Himself/Presenter

His most famous role was, of course, in 'Blake's 7' as Kerr Avon. This sci-fi TV series, created by Terry Nation, ran for 4 years, from 1978 to 1981. Paul Darrow starred in all but the first episode.

His character, Avon, though secondary to the main character Roj Blake (played by Gareth Thomas), quickly becomes more and more important as the series continues. At the beginning of the 3rd series, when Blake has disappeared, Avon assumes the role as leader of the rebels.

Paul Darrow's performance, far better than anyone else's, makes Avon easily the most interesting of the characters. He is very cunning and deceptive, always thinking up subtle plans to deceive the enemy. He often has a wry smile on his face, even when something disastrous has happened. He is very cynical about everything, often despairing of his fellow crew members. He betrays friends, spares enemies, and sometimes considers abandoning the rebels. He has an odd relationship with their archenemy, Servalan (played by Jacqueline Pearce), the supreme commander of the Federation. He regularly flirts with her, and even kisses her a couple of times. He is also the only character whose death is not certain at the end of the 4th series.

After the TV Series had ended, he was involved in several spin-offs. He wrote a book 'Avon: A Terrible Aspect', mapping the life of his character, and he starred in two Blake's 7 radio plays. He is currently trying to organize a film version of it, set 30 years on.

Paul Darrow is married to Janet Lees-Price, who also starred in the shocking final episode of 'Blake's 7'.