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Typing 150 WPM, playing guitar/trombone
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"Despair can ravage you if you turn your head around and look down the path that's led you here to this one night... and what can you change? Take your rutter and your ship, and throw your load that's in your way" - paraphrasing "This Is Not an Exit" by Saves the Day
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Oh! You can get to know me better.
Ah! How rude of me... *waves* hi! How is you? =) Good? Good!
Well, hmm... usually, you could just ask questions, but I'll answer every one of the common ones and if ever you feel compelled to explore more, ask away! Uh... the common: my name is Miguel (pronounced with Spanish etiquette @_@) and I am 17 years old. My birthday... well, you missed it, it was 17 years ago!... =P nuh, uhm... September 30, so I'm a Libra, in case you wanted to know my sign. =P I am about 5 feet 5 1/2 inches and am 124 pounds (it changes when I eat a buffet o_O). I am anti-mainstream, most of the time. Not because I prospect being different, but because most of what society considers normal, in my mind, is considered almost heresy! I feel that United States is religiously oppressed. I have something against "In God We Trust" because it's unfair to Quakers, Jewish, and the Mad Messiahs, wherever they exist. I also hate the thought of having to "swear on a bible"... that's enough, sorry. x_x I could go on, and believe me, sometimes I do... that's how I lose friends. O_o
My daily habits stay consistent. I usually stay at school for afterschool programs such as Band, CX Debate, or UIL Math, so I never come home early. BUT! When I get home, I get to wash dishes and pick up the trash! Oh, the priviledge of being the man of the house! I'm the man of the house... who takes care of his nails. x_x Yes, I grow my nails just to strum the guitar slightly better. I would like to shave my legs, but the nails-thing is enough to be labeled "gay". IMAGINE! Being labeled "gay" without the benefits. Which brings me to my sexual preference! I am straight, long-life single, not looking, but fully support bisexuality. I feel that cutting off half the population just because they're the same gender actually lowers chances to find a "significant one". You would love someone because of who they are, not what they have. But, y'know, my voice is less significant than bird poop. At least people take the time to acknowledge it. T_T
My talents are typing at 150 WPM without a mistake (usually), and I can type 90 WPM on one hand. For me, doing mental math is equivalent to getting a high (even if I've never even touched a root beer!). I can play trombone, guitar, and can walk and chew gum at the same time. As you can tell, I try to be a perfectionist because I feel "stoopid if, lyk, i tok lyk dis", even if there is no other way to feel by being me.
I feel very selfish talking about myself so much.