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I wanna walk with you, [love] -

With the world falling down around us
And the sky pouring down on our heads;

With the pathways [Oil Slick|slick] and [treacherous|treacherous]
And the winds of change howling around us;

Know that they'll say we'll never make it,
But inside - inside, I'm hoping we will.

I have [Blind Faith (idea)|faith] in us, in us together -
I know we'll change our rainy days -

Together... we can turn 'em into something - else;
No longer will they be dreary, but [Wondrous|magical] instead.

We'll make the raindrops gifts - to quench our thirst;
The wind - it'll be a present - given to lift our [When in doubt, choose wings not shoes|wings].

The skies, once dark and bleak, are merely - Nay, better -
They become a test of [endurance|endurance], strengthening our spirits.

We will know the beauty of the weathered,
Feel the joy in the wrinkles carved by [The perfect gift|time].

Standing strong, bending often: this... yes, this
Is what the storms that others see as a burden

Shall provide us, these two souls
Just-a Walkin' in the [Storm (idea)|Rain].


This poem is copyrighted to [Ebonflame|Ebonflame]. If you want to use this poem elsewhere, please leave this poem and footnote intact and as they are.