A little pus-filled imperfection in the skin that can lower a persons self esteem six fold. Spots tend to appear where and when least appropriate at a given time, and while usually caused by acne, can also be result of stress. Spots of different types tend to appear in different places.

    Little spots - tend to appear on the forehead and sides of the nose. Undetectable at 4 feet away, these are almost entirely filled with quite viscous puss close to the surface, and several can be popped at a time with ease.

    Big pale lumps - the size and shape of half a pea, these don't discolour the skin although create reasonable large bumps. They are filled with a surprisingly large amount of toothpaste-like puss, and appear around the forehead and chin area primarily.

    Big red lumps - usually the result of an irritation such as shaving, these are a cornucopia for a clear runny substance, once popped they seemingly refill within the hour. If persistently attacked for long enough, they may yield some of the toothpaste puss as above. These can appear on the upper neck forehead and other softer areas.

    Giant angry volcano spots - the bane of every image-conscious person, these have very few places they will not attack, and are the main cause of pock-marks in people. They fill up with the clear runny puss, while displaying a bright off-white beacon of toothpaste puss at the top. If left unpopped they often cause permanent imperfections in the skin, though they have a defence mechanism in the form of exerting extreme pain. The volcano-type will often stay for weeks.