Mama, Peppa and Mark took me to a place full of effants, and I fell in love.

  • I love Gritchka, because of all the words he knows. Maybe one day I'll know as many as that.
  • I love Oolong, with his long hair and quiet voice.
  • I love diotina, who let me use her camera. I hope she likes the pictures of my feet.
  • I love Imprecation, who surprised Mama by coming without telling her. Why do I love him? Well, red is my favourite colour!
  • I love nine9 because he does what I tell him to, and because, well, just because.
  • I love Tiefling, because he gets so enthusiastic about things.
  • I love lagrange, because he has a phone and knows how to use it.
  • I love SEF, because she's my grandma. She gives me ginger snaps for breakfast and indulges my every whim.
  • I love evilrooster. She's my Mama, and I can't help myself.

It was a wonderful time, but it tired me out. I was glad when Dada came and took me home. But even a full night of sleep wasn't enough. When we were going to meet up the next day, I got too excited. I started to cry, and just couldn't stop. Mama had to take me home.

I'm sorry about that, because I would have liked to go to the castle with everyone. But I still love them.