Six months. It seems like it's been lifetime since April 11. has been a lifetime. Mine, to be precise. I turned six months old today, though the event was overshadowed (big word for a six-month old, huh?) by the 1 month anniversary of the WTC disaster.

Over the last half a year, I've learned so much.

  • I've learned that if I smile at people, they pay attention to me. Oddly, if I don't smile, they pay even more attention to try to get me to smile. People are strange.
  • I've learned to reach for things and put them in my mouth. Unfortunately, if you have a noo-noo in your mouth, you can't put anything else in there. (This is not fair.)
  • I've learned that I like milk, bananas, applesauce, Weetabix, and sweet potato. I reckon I'll like sofas, CD jewel cases, and the dining room table, if I can just get them in my mouth.
  • I've even learned that if Mom and Dad won't carry me somewhere, I can creep there myself. Except the stairs. They won't let me try them. Spoilsports.
  • I've learned that baths are a good thing. If you hold really still, people come up close. Then you can kick really hard and get them wet! Try it sometime.

I have to go off and fuss now. My gums hurt.

The EasterBunny