Today, I am one year old.

It's been quite a year since I was born. Even the last six months have been astounding. I've learned so much, and had so much fun doing it.

For instance, I can crawl now! Mobility is amazing, after so long seeing things and being unable to reach them. I can even open doors if they aren't latched, and climb stairs. I can pull myself to standing against anything vertical, and reach the tops of most tables. There's so much to explore.

And then there's people! When I was born, I had no idea that people were so marvellous! My Dad and Mom are the most magical people in the world. They play peekaboo, they feed me, they bathe me, and they take me places. And then there's the rest of my family, and all my friends at my nursery.

But it's not just people I know who enchant me. Everywhere I go there are grownups smiling at me. I wish I could hug them all and slobber on their cheeks (it's how I kiss).

It's not all bananas and raisins, though. For instance, sometimes my parents put tights on under my trousers to keep my legs warm. That's all very well, until you take your shoes off. Now, the way the universe should work is that once the shoes are off the socks are ready to follow (they make great toys and strange hats). But tights don't come off when you pull on the feet. This scares me, and I usually cry.

But who can cry for long, in a world full of wonders? I could list them all day, but Mom and Dad are taking me to the zoo. So let me just close with a few personal words, typed myself (Mom helped me with some of this daylog).

iufddfjkklxkj mAPOE38UOWIENGIOASKGFKdsoij saiokrio

Love, and BIG HUGS to everyone,

The EasterBunny

Oh, and watch out for grass. I've just found out about it since the weather has warmed up. Scary stuff. Can't face crawling on it; it feels too funny against my hands.