Amidst my many career pitstops, I spent some time as the Business Center Manager of a CompUSA here in NYC. Though the lack of knowledge amongst the sales representatives scared me - one once help up a Laser Toner Cartridge and asked me if it was an internal or external modem - the job wasn't that bad.

Eventually, I hired a friend of mine to work in my department as a corporate sales representative. His knowledge of computers was quite basic, but he did know how to sell and I needed a good salesman in there. (My monthly commission was based on how well my reps did!)

Well, one warm July Sunday my unnamed friend was working the closing shift at said store, while I was home enjoying a nice weekend off. Apparently, right before closing time, nature called him and he escaped to the restroom for a few minutes.

In that brief span of time, the rest of the crew and all of management left the store and locked it right up.

Needless to say, many phone calls followed as we tried to catch up with someone who had a key - I wasn't deemed worthy enough of being a key holder. However, our efforts were futile.

The store had closed around 6:00 pm. Around 10:30 pm I received this in an email -

It's 10:05 p.m. and I'm still in CompUSA. I'm sending this rescue message out in hopes that if you forward it to enough people, one of them may have the authority to open the doors and free me.

If you forward this letter to only 1 person, then you are lonely. If that one person was me, then you're pathetic.
If you forward this letter to 5 people, then you surround yourself with only your closest friends and good fortune will come to time.
If you forward this letter to 20 people, you are one of those assholes who forward everything they get to a group distribution list that they made 3 years ago which includes people who have long since moved on...GET A LIFE!

A little boy in Ohio sent this letter to ten of his friends and the very next day his mother's crack addict boyfriend was arrested.
A 35 year old man in Dallas sent this letter to 7 of his friends and won a free Pepsi when he looked under his cap the next time he had a Pepsi.
A 19 year old man deleted this message and has been celibate ever since.

He never did get out that night, and was only rescued the following morning by the opening managers - who, incidentally, didn't believe him. They claimed the motion detectors would've gone off with him still there - but my Caller ID, showing calls from CompUSA up to midnight, does not lie.

Needless to say, I gave him that Monday off.