A maverick from the Playstation game called Mega Man X4. Magma Dragoon is the only maverick, in the Mega Man X series, that attacks with Street Fighter II moves. For example, he can do the Haduken attack in addition to the fiery uppercut. (Mega Man X can also do these moves, but only in previous games. The Haduken in Mega Man X and the Dragon Punch in Mega Man X2. Also, Zero can do the Dragon Punch after beating Magma Dragoon.). In the game Mega Man X4, Magma Dragoon became a traitor to the his unit and became an "Irregular Hunter". When he is defeated there is an extra scene of him talking to X or Zero before he fully disintegrates. This really sets him apart from the regular eight mavericks because he is the only one with this extra scene.

His weakness is Storm Owl's Double Cyclone. Mega Man X will receive Rising Fire for beating him. For Zero, the technique learned would be the Ryuenjin, a fiery uppercut. His attack pattern is easy to learn, but they come at such as a rapid fire pace that reflexes will probably play a more important role than strategy. Magma Dragoon makes a cameo appearance in Mega Man X5. Instead of playing the main game in Mega Man X5, the user can choose the training option. At the end of the training level, Magma Dragoon is the boss. However, he doesn't have his full inventory of attacks. Capcom removed some of the more graphical attacks, such as the rain of lava and the magma beam. Also, he seems to move much slower than in Mega Man X4. Fans have theorized as to what Capcom meant by dragoon, either dragon because he looks like a dragon, or dragoon because he was a soldier in the Repliforce before he became a traitor. Probably, Capcom meant both.