I haven't slept with hundreds of women. Hell, I havent slept with dozens; but I've slept with enough to feel able to toss out my $0.02. I'm a nice guy, but not in bed -- which is not how I started out. Sure, I can be... I mean, when I'm in love (happened really only once) I can be that gentle, and loving partner. That is well received... However, I have to say that every woman I've been with likes it rough. Three of the women I've been with have used the exact same phrase, "Take what you want" when the subject turns to "What do you like". You've still gotta do your job; I mean, focus on your woman, make her the centre of your life and pleasure her the best way you know how, but at the same time you've got to take sex from her. Internally you've got to give, and give everything; work your ass off (pun definately intended), but externally you've got to make it look like you're using her. You've got to bite, grab, constrict, whisper some of that nastiness into her ear as you have her pinned to the bed (or wherever seems appropriate) on her stomach and "violate" her for your own purposes; put her on her knees in front of your standing self and "force" her to pleasure you.

It took me a while to get used to idea. I mean, I'm that nice guy. I treat women with respect and love. The idea of treating a woman like a piece of meat in the bedroom just didn't fit with my personality. I mean, how can you treat a woman like the jewel of the earth one moment and then as a sexual object the next? I don't mean like the woman you love, with whom you have sexual encounters. I mean like a sexual toy, an object that was created simply for the purposes of fucking, that you can treat however you want, to whom you can say whatever you want. Push her down on the bed, hold her there with a great deal of force, call her any number of things that she would kick you in the balls for at any other time, tell her things that you could never say in almost every other moment in the day.

I'll tell you, ladies, you are one seriously complex and difficult set of creatures to understand and I love you for it :) I'm not saying you're all like that, but I am saying I've never met any woman who's any different. Perhaps that's why the dream of being ravaged by the faceless man is so common to women. Most women I've met seem to have had this dream at one time or another.

I understand where this desire comes from. What surprises me is how utterly common it is and how powerful it seems to be. I figured it would be "once in a while" kinda stuff and only a few women would find it a turn-on. But it seems to be most women and it seems to be wanted most of the time. Wild... truly.