I'm a programmer, not a salesman, not a liar, and I have some principles. I believe that the business world lives in hell, or is heading there and it's taking the rest of the planet with it.

I work for a company that writes big, expensive software and sells it all over the world. We have a client in Italy that is pretty big on our list "important" customers. There's some guy, who's sort-of a friend of mine in this company and he's currently working in the Italy client's office doing stuff. Ages ago he wrote a 3000 line PERL script to do something that is kinda neat. Well, the sales guys have decided to "sell" this PERL script to the client... for 2,000,000 Euros! That's great!

Now, of course there's a catch. He needs my help. "How do I make a 3000 line PERL script look like huge application written in C?", he asks. Now I have a problem. As a programmer that works for a company that you believe may be doing some shady business with your code after it leaves your hands, you kinda have to shrug your shoulders and say "My job is to write the best code I can, plain and simple". I've been doing that OK up until now. I don't write code that has no computational purpose and whose sole reason for being is to fuck someone over. Am I going to teach this, obviously skill-lacking individual (I mean, this aint that hard) to do this thing so that some sales guy can make a big commission on something that aint worth squat!? I think not! This PERL script is not worth two million euros! Hell, the client could hire a basic programmer, have him learn PERL, learn our extremely complex product and code the thing himself for far less than two million!

I had some respect for this guy. Now, I didn't have a ton of respect for him... I mean, how much respect can you have for a guy that tells people he's a devoted christian and at the same time screws around trying to climb the corporate ladder, and has absolutely no quams about doing this deed? I have now lost that little respect for him. What little respect I have left for this company is totally gone now, I believe. On top of that, I am extremely pissed off that they let their slimey world come to my desk. Is this the straw? Do I now find a new job? It just may finally happen. Is the market good out there yet? Anyone want to hire a programmer who knows J2EE and Java and refuses to code in them cuz they suck? :) Someone please find me a reputable company (it doesn't exist, does it?) and bring me on in the languages I love!