This is my first daylog so here goes. . . Today was busy, but I got a lot done.

I had a hard time staying awake on the bus ride to campus. So as soon as I got to the biochem building I went and got life giving coffee.

In Biochem lecture we started the unit on DNA and nucleic acids. Most of it was review so in lieu of listening to the lecture I opted to read a chapter in polysci. I went to political science, then lunch and then sat I around waiting for biochem lab.

Biochem lab got out early, so I ended up sitting in front of the academic building for two hours reviewing biochem and doing next weeks prelab.

Had a meeting with my advisor at 4:00. So it looks like I'll be taking Molecular Genetics, Biochem II, History of Science, my last phys ed class (hopefully bowling again), and BIOL 491 which is working in a prof's lab helping with research.

It looks like I have another busy day tomorrow and I've already stayed up to late feeding my newfound e2 addiction.

Song in my Head:
Time Trap by Built to Spill
t's barely yours on loan
What you think you own
The place that you call home
The ideas in your bones
This would still feel dumb
Back where you're from
Do you want to change your mind
Cause you could never know that
In a time trap
Guess that's all fair now because
Guess that's all there ever was
Gray and sprawling
Save your crawling
Do you want to save your life