Applying at GAME

Just got back from an interview for a Christmas job as Menial General Sales Person (official title: "Sales Assistant") at GAME.
Kindof odd, isn't it? Before I went, I had a good idea of what I'd say to a bunch of possible questions. As soon as I got into the interview - all of it was gone. Must've sounded like a gibbering fool for parts of it.
Anyhow. Kindof like you might expect an interview for a job at a games store, but also kindof not. I'm fairly sure I fumbled at least two of the questions, but I also noticed the guy scribbling down a fair few ticks next to notes about me. This perplexes me somewhat.
Not holding my breath, though. There were 6 other folk going for the job, and my general attitude of pessimism tends to make me figure I'm probably the least well-qualified. Anywho, guess I'll have to wait and see...