I've just been reading BBC News. This is unusual. Normally it takes me a few days to a week to hear about major events - I'm just not normally a 'news' kind of person.

This is different.

Looks like Bush won. I have but two words to describe this situation: oh dear.
Don't get me wrong here. I've known/do know a fair few Americans. Most of 'em are nice enough blokes. However this election result really does make me question the sanity of the country as a whole. I mean, it's Bush for crying out loud. I honestly believe I could do a better job of running a country.

The UK's had some right crackpots for Prime Ministers (my personal opinion is that Blair falls into this category), however I really do query how any sane/intelligent/vaguely concious person could vote for someone like George Bush. I can understand a first term (hope I'm getting these phrases right - see below), but a second after all he's done?
Highly bizarre
Why do I suddenly get the feeling another part of the planet's going to go to hell in a handbasket soon...?

Please note that I don't personally think that any one American (or any member of another nationality for that matter) is an idiot unless I've met them and can make an assessment of their general level of common sense. I merely think that the country as a whole may be slightly... mentally wonky.
Additionally, I'm not all that politically-literate. If this writeup is complete piffle please feel free to let me know.
In a nice way, please.