The weather is intelligent, and is probably evil1.

Of this there can be no doubt. There is obviously no other explanation for the past few days.
Allow me to enlighten you about the past week...
Since last Monday, I haven't had any particular thing to do, nor any particular place I need to go. During that time, the weather was brilliantly hot and sunny. If you've lived here for as long as I have, you'd know just how unusual that is in itself. However, it can be put down to just a somewhat different weather pattern or something.
Then we come to yesterday. A Tuesday. On this day, I did have something to do. I went to the Durham University Engineering open day. This involved a lot of walking outside. Here's where the intelligent bit comes into play. It rained. A lot. To say I experienced a torrential downpour would be putting it lightly. Half my stuff was still wet four hours after I got inside.
Skip forward to today, and lo-and-behold, the weather's nice and sunny and warm again. And guess what? Today, I don't have anywhere I need to be, nor anything in particular to do.
As far as I see it, the weather's out to get me. Of course, this could just be an effect of living here all my life, where weather is as erratic and unusual as you can imagine.

Needless to say, right now, I don't particularly feel like making any more visits to relatively distant places. Something tells me it'll rain again.

1 - Not the good kind of evil, like the Stormtroopers in Star Wars, but the bad kind of evil that takes joy in the suffering of others.