Sneakthief is a rock band in the Kent, Ohio area. Up until May of 2003, when they released their self-titled full-length CD, they were known as Conduit 4. Currently composed of Mike Watson (guitar & vocals), Mark Sowers (percussion, backup vox, screamies), Brandon Bucks (bass, groovemeister) and Will Ullinger (drums, sexy biatch), they are searching for a guitarist so that Watson can take over frontman duties full time.

Several of their songs have been picked up by local and college radio stations such as wstb and wksr, and articles about Sneakthief have appeared in local news publications such as The Daily Kent Stater and The Record-Courier

Their mascot, known as "The Sneak," has begun making frequent appearences on flyers and promotions around the Kent area, and this dastardly icon's lair is the namesake of their website - WWW.THESNEAKSLAIR.COM.

(as Conduit 4)

Unreleased live demo - 2000
80 If We're Lucky (demo/b&w) - 2001
Broken (single) - 2001
80 If We're Lucky (pre-release sampler/color) - 2001
This Side of Up (full-length, 12 tracks) - 2002
(as Sneakthief)
Sneakthief - 2003

Sneakthief track listing
1. Intro
2. Lloyd
3. When the Galaxy Collapsed
4. No One to Call
5. Implausible Precipitation
6. Dangerous Things
7. Waffle Fries
8. Epiphanic
9. Mark Says
10. Incessantly
11. The End

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