Another few points:
  • Sex with somebody you are not in a relationship with is a bad idea at this time.
  • Always make sure you have a 'safe' place to return to - somewhere you feel comfortable and private, and do not feel at all worried that somebody unpleasant or unknown will show up.
  • Have distractions available. Cartoons are good.
  • Have some way of getting food available - eating is pleasant.
  • Having downs to take the "edge" off the trip might be a good idea - alcohol or valium supposedly works well. (I have not tried this.)
  • Smoking a joint or drinking orange juice will give the trip a small boost - though smoking also cut a bit of the edge off.

I won't go as far as saying that mirrors are evil - but they are definitely something to be careful with.

Above all, have fun, come down safely, and don't do hallucinogenic drugs if you have alcoholism or mental illness in the family (bad odds for latent schitzoid tendencies, which can be triggered by a trip.)