My Day
A mock Epic

The blaring noise from the alarm clock wakes me from a deep, tranquil state. I stare at the ceiling hoping the new day has not come, but then my dream is broken when my lovely mother comes in and rips the sheets off of me. At that time I leave my cozy, relaxed bed. I receive a rush of freezing winter air. The rush of frigid air awakes me from my tranquil state, and I am able to get ready for the long, extensive day. I walk a mile to the bathroom to take a warm, awakening shower. The hot water beats against my back and I feel the warmth all around me. After my shower I step back into the cold winter air to walk another mile to my bedroom to change into my uncomfortable school clothes. The itchy material rubs against my body, and I realize the horrendous day is about to begin. I walk another mile back to the bathroom to put my mask on to cover the face I don't allow the rest of the world to see. I'm almost ready to head across the world to the old, cold building we call school. I put on my cold, wet shoes and walk several miles to my car. It takes me several hours to get to school, and the dull part of my day is about to begin. Again I hear a blaring noise, and I'm off to my class. I walk to miles of hallway dodging all the bodies that surround me. We push and bump into each other, and it seems to take years before I arrive at my first test of paying attention, class. I walk through the rest of this tedious schedule, the same thing over and over. All day I walk through the same crowds running into each other, the same loud banging of and hearing the same gossip throughout the hallway. As the last bell rings everyone rejoices that the elongated day is over. Again I walk several miles to my car and off I go to another tedious job, homework. Right when I get home I replenish my body with a snack, and then I crack the books. I read pages and pages about dead people and how boring their lives had been, I study thousands of math problems, and conjugate hundreds of verbs into thousands of verb forms. Hopefully by then my homework is complete, and maybe, just maybe I can relax from the distressing day. I turn on the television and then I hear the clanging of dishes in the kitchen, meaning that dinner will be ready in a few minutes. When dinner is ready I eat the vile food, and confer with my family. Sooner or later the jibber-gabber drives me crazy and I need to leave, just to be by myself. Again I turn on the television and watch all the beautiful people act beautiful. I will most likely then get sick of that and get ready for bed. I splash my face with the cool water to wash the tiresome day off of me. I lie in my cozy bed and look back on my boring day, and hope the next is better. Then I slowly doze off and dream about days to come.