Do you read the DSM-IV for fun?

Are you able to piece together a detailed tapestry of a friend's sexual history and personality disorders by watching them tie their shoelaces?

If so, E2Psychology is the place for you.

E2Psychology is a usergroup for noders concerned with all things mental, including but not limited to:

We welcome users both with a professional background and those with a passing interest. Since the human mind encompasses a tremenouds range of schools, chances are good that you will find a home here. If you have any questions or would like to join,

/msg Bitriot Do you like me? Really? Okay. Okay, good. I'd like to join your group if that's alright. But only if there aren't any mean people who will make fun of me. Really, you like me?

Or something to that effect. The goal is to have a dynamic group.

E2Psychology currently consists of: