The national alcoholic beverage of Korea. Soju is a wonderful drink. There are a huge variety of types, but the most common type tastes like vodka, although a little bit sweet. It also goes down much more easily, due to being only 25% alcohol. This, combined with the fact that it is dirt cheap (usually about 1000 Won, or around one dollar, for a 350 mL bottle) makes it very dangerous. Even more deadly are the girly versions, which come in fruit flavours (lemon being the most common) and pack about 10% alcohol, which you can't taste at all. Every foreigner I've met in Korea has had at least one bad experience with overdrinking soju, either the lemon stuff, or the "real" stuff.

Another nice thing about soju is that it's possible to get it in Tetra-Paks, like juice boxes. This means that you can take it through customs without difficulty; as far as North American customs officials can tell, they're just boxes of soy milk or something.