So, the weekend was a total disaster, but that's okay, seeing as I'm in love. As I mentioned in my daylog on Saturday, Eun Jung decided to cancel our planned ski trip, for reasons I still don't know. She's never been skiing before, so maybe she's just scared. Anyway, we decided to take the bus to Gwangju to see a movie and meet up with my friends.

Things got off to a bad start. Friday night, I told her that we should meet at the bus station at 3:30. I usually call her I leave to meet her anywhere, but for some reason, this time I assumed that she'd just be there at 3:30. She wasn't. A little past 4:00, I called her house to see if she was on the way. Nope. She was still at home, waiting for me to call and tell her that I was leaving my apartment. She showed up a little past 4:30, so we were already more than an hour late.

Because Lunar New Year is coming up, the traffic from Suncheon to Gwangju was insane. Once we got into Gwangju, it was even worse. Gridlock as far as the eye could see. The bus trip, which usually takes about an hour, took, in total, more than two and a half hours, about an hour of which was spent after entering Gwangju, just getting to the terminal.

By this time, it was too late for the 7:30 showing at the movie theaters, and the next one was at 9:50, so we decided to forget about it and go on Sunday. Instead, I took her to Orange Hill, for fajitas, which she'd never tried before (in small town Korea, you pretty much can't get anything except Korean, Chinese, Japanese or Italian). They were delicious.

Then we were supposed to meet up with my friends. Except that it turned out that Andy was on vacation back to his home in the U.S.A. and Betsy was, of all places, in Suncheon, where we'd just come from, visiting friends there. That left Joel, Diane and Adam. Two of Andy's middle school students (twins) were having a birthday, and since Andy couldn't be there, he'd asked Joel to take them out to a noraebang (karaoke parlor) to celebrate. Diane was feeling sick, and went home almost immediately after we met up with them. Adam had drank too much the night before, and was worn out, so he went home about an hour later. That left Eun Jung and I with a bunch of the new teachers at my old hagwon (private academy) who had started working after I left. I'd only met them twice before, and they didn't speak any Korean, so Eun Jung kind of got left out. That meant that I couldn't really socialize too much with them, or Eun Jung would be totally ignored, so I spent the night talking to her, and we both felt a bit excluded. I assured her that next time, I'd make sure my close friends would be available, and that they would be much more outgoing and friendly than this bunch. (Not that these people were unfriendly... just they didn't know me very well, and couldn't communicate with Eun Jung)

Anyway, the people living in the apartment I used to live in let us stay there, since there are two couches. In the morning, Eun Jung and I got up, and went downtown to get some food (mmmm... kimchi chigeh... been a while since I've had that) and watch a movie. To add insult to injury, it decided to rain. We decided on Catch Me If You Can (it was quite good), the 1:30 showing. Then we went to a coffee shop to kill time and stay out of the rain until the movie started. After that, we went back to the apartment (I'd forgotten my glasses there), then caught a bus back to Suncheon. At least the traffic wasn't bad.

So, all in all, it would have been a moderately terrible weekend under ordinary circumstances. I didn't mind though, because being with Eun Jung was enough. I don't think she minded too much either. Of course, I hope it goes better the next time we decide to take a trip together. We've got a long weekend coming up (Lunar New Year), and neither of us have plans, but I don't particularly fancy trying to go anywhere, since the traffic will be even worse than it was this weekend.