(Mention of one of my writeups removed, since I suspect this daylog is getting downvoted because people think I'm nodevertising. Actually, I just mentioned it because all the upvotes it's getting are the only good thing to happen to me this week, and I was genuinely puzzled by WHY it was getting so many.)

After getting rejected by a Korean girl Saturday night, I come in to work on Monday to discover that our boss has suddenly decided that the students' parents aren't going to like the fact that we have the national holiday of Election Day on Thursday, followed by a Christmas party for the students on Friday, followed by a week's Christmas vacation. He decides to make us work on Thursday, even though every other hagwon (private academy) in Korea has the day off. Needless to say, every foreign teacher here is extraordinarily pissed off about this, not so much because it means an extra day at work, as because I specifically asked him at the beginning of the month whether we had the day off, he said yes, and I marked it as a vacation on the monthly schedule. It's yet another example of how, although our boss is generally a good guy, it's impossible to count on him for anything, because he reverses his decisions on a daily basis. The vice principal is also well-meaning, but unfortunately, not terribly bright. Surely, if either of them had bothered to think about it for a second when I first asked them, the back-to-back day off/Christmas party/vacation problem would have occurred to them, so they wouldn't have to destroy our morale by changing their minds yet again.

Anyway, because I'm going back to Canada for two weeks this Saturday, I had to do all my monthly lesson plans for January ahead of time. Fortunately, the single student in my 2 PM Tuesday-Thursday class didn't show up today, so my first class isn't until 5 PM. That gave me enough time to do all my lesson plans in record time, and I still have time left over to be writing this, and even to play a game of Go.

Now, I just have to make tests for the students, since we're supposed to test them on Thursday, instead of having a day off, and fill out evaluation sheets so that our principal can do phone counselling with the parents over the Christmas holiday. Poor bastard has to work, so I guess I can't be too angry with him for cancelling our day off.