One word: wow.
I just came back from seeing this movie. Suprising for a Saturday night on opening weekend, the theatre was only sparsely populated. After seeing the flick, I can sorta understand why.

This movie is not for everyone.

Okay, that said, I throughly enjoyed the flick. If someone were to ask me what the movie is like, I'd describe it like this: It's like watching Silence of the Lambs and a Salvador Dali painting at the same time. This movie is the definition of psychological thriller. I would not recommend seeing this movie if you are prone to nightmares, mental instability, homicidal episodes, etc...

Ok, like anything that gets spit out of Hollywood, it had its share flaws. Most notable was some really cheesy dialogue and some bad acting with said dialogue. Now, Jennifer Lopez isn't exactly an Oscar-caliber actress, but I think she pulled off her part pretty well. Before you go thinking this is a negative review (its not), realize that I am just playing the critic here.

All in all, it's a great movie (provided that you're prepared for a mindfuck). I really hope Vincent D'Onofrio keeps playing roles like this. I thoroughly enjoyed him especially in this movie.

I will never look at horses the same way again.