If any of you read my last daylog, you might remember that your humble narrator had a terrible day. The outlook aws not looking good. Rainy, lots of work ahead, nothing real fun...my oh how that changed....

This week was actually the most productive week I have had in a long time. Lemme give you a list of all the things that had to be done this week:

  • Write a paper on supersition and their relevancy in the modern world for my english class at community college. That was due on Tuesday
  • Write a paper on James K. Polk for my American Government class in High School. That was due today.
  • Write a paper on slavery in the United States for my sociology class at community college. That was also due today.
  • Get senior pictures taken. That was on Thursday.
  • Write a PHP application which calculated billed time versus estimated time for work. That was accomplished on Wendsday.
  • Study Physics as to not fail the test. Test was on Wendsday.
Everything was accomplished. The even better part was that each time I accomplished one of my tasks, I felt a hell of alot better about my ability to do the next task on my list.

(If you're wondering why I have assignments due for both community college and high school, it's because my high school offers a dual enrollment program. With this program, I get to leave halfway into the day, then take classes at community college for both college and high school credit. Also, because I am within the top 10% of my class, the county pays all fees (besides books) for the community college classes. Pretty nifty, huh?)

Another plus: on Wendsday I came home from school to find that I had an airmail package from London. Upon opening, I found that the new Aphex Twin album, drukqs had arrived! I was shocked at the speed of mail, especially since it's coming from another country, and what with the anthrax scares and all... The double CD is so yummy...not to mention the fact that I got it five days before it hits store shelves. Since I pre-ordered it directly from Warp Records, it came with some bonuses. It came with two stickers, one that read "drukqs", and another that read "come on you cunt, let's have some Aphex acid". It also came with postcard-sized pictures that were from the same photo shoot as the cover and booklet art on the CD. It's the little things that count...

My supersition paper was whipped up in a couple hours the day before I had to turn it in. Surprisingly, it was halfway decent. Not that it matters much; community college is like high school with ashtrays, you get the same low-standard of education with a higher student age.

My James K. Polk paper kicked major boo-tay. Judging from everyone else in my class (who bitch and moan at the thought of doing *gasp* work...), it'll be an A project. And as a special added bonus, I get to play the They Might Be Giants song James K. Polk as part of my presentation on Monday. Thursday, before getting to work on the finishing touches to the paper, I took the opportunity to make a w/u of my paper. (an E2-related aside: I spent alot of time with creative pipelinking, and it irks me that people don't seem to notice...arg...oh well, such is E2.)

Sociology paper I whipped up after the James K. Polk report was done. When you're on a roll with writing papers, it really takes no time at all to throw one together...

Senior pictures went great. The photographer is my friend's uncle, so it made me pretty comfortable despite the fact that I was posed in weird ways most of the time. I'm excited to see the proofs, which will be ready on Monday. The pictures that were taken in my fencing gear sound like they turned out the best...here's hoping...

The PHP application was half written when I started, but after looking at it, I decided it was easier to just scrap the whole thing and re-write it. I re-wrote it in a much better way than it was originally done. After I finished it, I realized that I needed to implement pretty much the same functionality in a separate application. Because of how I re-wrote the code, I was able to cut and paste it right in and it worked like a charm. That's when you know you coded something the right way...

I studied physics. Alot. Obviously moreso than my classmates. Everyone else in my class was really struggling by the end of the test...and I was breezing along. There were a couple problems that were toughies, but I got into such a good mindset that I actually enjoyed figuring out the problems. I really hate it when math can be fun; it just sucks all of the fun out of hating it.

Whoowee. What a week. The best part is, I feel spectacular and the weekend hasn't even started yet!