Ahh the day started off rather well. I managed to wake up and leave for school in a matter of 10 minutes. School didn't consist of much. Staring at a book about Anthony Burgess. Ahem. I mean "taking notes". I had a physics test today, and I kicked its punk little ass. I am physics God. The day got more interesting after school.

I picked up a few friends, putzed around a bit, and OFF! we headed to the section of downtown Pittsburgh known as Oakland.

Our whole reason for going down there was to get presale tickets for a rave called Spy vs Spy which is going down tomarrow. The place that is selling the presales is an upstairs/attic-type record store named Hypervinyl. We walk in, and the 2 rooms of the little place were buzzing with DJ types, people hardcore about the music. Out of our group, I was probably the only one that seemed to fit in, due to my phat pants and my dreadlocks. My one friend looked like he stepped out of the 70's, and the other was wearing his varsity letter jacket for soccer. So we inquire about the presales, and the bitchy woman behind the counter (who seemed to be far more elite than us. whatever.) and she says that they sold out, and that more tickets are being printed up right as we speak and they should be here in 45 minutes. Fine we say. So we leave and visit a couple other stores in the area.

Now you see, Oakland is the arty/freaky section of the city. You would think that seeing a kid with dreadlocks would be an everyday thing there (as opposed to at school: see January 9, 2001 and January 10, 2001 for examples of such). Aparrently not. People crusing down the street were goosenecking, causing a traffic slowdown, not to mention the groups of people just hanging out on the sidewalk staring at yours truly. I don't quite like being the center of attention and it was wierd to be a star. Man, I hope I'm never famous.

After visiting a head shop and a clothing store, we headed back to see if the shipment of presales had arrived. They had not. The bitch, I guess was done working. The guy that was now counter jockeying was real cool and fun to talk to. We didn't want to wait any longer (people to do, things to see...) so we left. Before heading out completely, I bought a gift certificate as a present for a friend's birthday party which I was to attend tonight.

After dropping the fellas off, I headed over to the party. The fact that it was a gettogether shindig dealie meant that I had an excuse to use my new camera. Woohoo!@ It was cool being there, I guess. I got to see people I haven't seen in almost a yea and to hang out with them. The big event of the party was that the birthday girl got a cucumber-shaped personal massager. Chasing people around with such a toy is great amusement. Before I left, I got to smoke a clove cigarette. I love these things, I think I just might have to start up a little nicotine habit of my very own. After that, I left the party.

I headed over to a friend's house. We did what we always do; watch tv and make stupid comments. There's some fucked up shit on tv after dark. I watched a show on UPN that was supposed to be a sitcom, but they had this stuffed-animal dog thing that came to life and they treated it like a real character. Somebody was smoking something strong when they came up with that. There was also horse-pulling contests, monster truck racing, a documentary on voodoo, and many, many commercials. At around 12:30, I took a friend home, and dragged my ass to now.