I started school today.

I'm in 12th grade (in the US), which makes me a senior. Not that this matters or anything. All it really says is that there are more people that you have no clue who they are, rather than knowing a nice fluffy majority of the school. Oh well...

The way my schedule works is rather nice. I only have to attend school up through 5th period. After 5th is over, I get to leave school. When I leave, I'll go to a local junior college to take classes for free, or I'll go to work (Phoenix Business Technologies <http://www.pbtg.com> *plug* *plug* *plug*). With my shortened schedule, I only have 3 classes per day. Those classes (should you care, of course) are:

  1. Physics II Honors
  2. Pitt Calculus*
  3. American Government/Economics (depending on semester)
* The University of Pittsburgh offers a program in which high school students can take a high school class that conforms to the college curriculum, and with the proper passing grade (and money of course!), they recieve college credit. Pretty neet.

Well, I got into home room today to find that my homeroom teacher is an absolute whore. She refuses to let us talk during the 25 minutes we have to fucking spend there, and she's going to be a bitch if you are tardy. God, what birch branch is up her ass? Whatever.

Physics rocks. It's the same teacher I had last year, and he is one of the coolest teachers ever. My class is comprised of mostly my friends (the ones that go to my school, anyway) and it seems like it's gonna be a grand ole time.

Calculus sucks. The teacher is an idiot, and the class is comprised of a bunch of rich whiney little brats that complain emmensely. ("Are we gonna get homework?! Man! I haven't had homework in math since 7th grade.") The teacher seems to be ok in that you can work at your own pace, and that seems like it's going to be a very viable option.

American Government fuckin rocks. Well. Sorta. The people in my class are generally the same people that are in my calc class. So that sucks, but my teacher fucking rocks. He's the best teacher ever. He's got tenure, so he just comes into class stoned all the time and just makes fun of the idiots. I don't blame him; if I could do that I certainly would. That and he tosses out bonus points like candy. Wooooo! (For more experiences with my History teacher, read my January 9, 2001 w/u)

Study Hall sucks my testicles. The teacher seems ok, I guess, except for the fact that you can only leave the room 5 times per 9 weeks. The class is, yet again, comprised of people that I don't particularly like. I have a feeling this is going to particularly painful because I'll have to hear about their binge drinking and their Dave Matthews Band worship. *sigh*. Another problem with this class is that it fucking taunts me. Seeing as I leave after this particular class, it's like its some thick bondage gear that's keeping me from bolting to my car to get the fuck outta heeeee. I may or may not be cutting this class for the rest of the year. I have to figure out what kind of punishment they'd try to inflict on me. Weigh your options, ya know?

Sweet Freedom.

After a 3 minute layover at Taco Bell, I headed off for work. Work was surprisingly busy and I had to do this crazy configuration that had to deal with pcANYWHERE, Windows NT Terminal Server, a satellite hookup, and some stupid accounting software. That was grueling.

After work, I headed out to the chiropractor. I had a re-exam to indentify my improvement (if any). Then I got my spine smashed. God does that feel good. Better than a $10 blowjob from a hooker-circus-midget.

I'm beat. I arrived at home completely drained. It's really going to suck whenever my junior college classes start up next week. I have to go to school, then to class, then to work, then home. That's going to kill me. I'm going to be even more corpse-ish whenever the fencing season starts up, and I have to do all of that, plus go to practice twice a week. Now it is time to dye my hair and hit the sack...what a day...