I'm tired. I've been listening to the I should be writing podcast and one of the things one of the guests said really stood out to me. Writing doesn't get easier with time so much as you just get use to the difficulty. Screw Brandon Sanderson and his "it's a skill" crap. I've been doing this for years and the baseline difficulty has barely dropped since I started. The real difference is that I'm just use to being frustrated and putting stuff that I'm not really happy with. I wonder how many author find success commercially but don't really like their own work.

On a more general note I enjoyed Thanksgiving. We spent time with the extended family. To anybody who's familiar with love languages I'll reveal that mine is conversation/quality time. I'm always struck by how meaningful conversations beyond meaningless small talk feel to me and I got to catch up with my cousins. While I wouldn't say that my family is particularly geeky in and of itself the interest in ideas/abstract thinking quotient is definitely above average when compared to the general population and it feels like I can launch into one of my rants about the relationship of game theory to everything without it just being verbal onanism on my end.