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My name is Ray and I'm 27 years old. I am extremely independent, honest, and loyal. I grew up in what used to be the small town of Montgomery. I have been to every state in the United States except for Hawaii and Alaska. I have seen many things and been many places. I would love to go to Guatemala and see the ancient civilization of the Mayans. Everything about their culture just blows my mind and I have developed a fascination for what they discovered through science and math.

Some people describe me as the quiet, shy guy with a fascinating mind. Of course, you have to spend time to see that from me though since I only open up completely to my true friends. I tend to put up an invisible wall to block almost everyone out of my life because I don't care for small talk or wasting time with single serving friends. I consider my time valuable and I only invest it into people that I trust and want to form a bond of friendship with.

I am working six days a week and going to school full time to stay busy and keep my mind occupied. I was going to DeVry University for electronic engineering, but I transferred my credits to Lone Star to pick up a quick associates degree in computer programming. I only have two classes remaining to finish the degree and I'll be set. I know this takes the majority of my time, but it is voluntary. I change my schedule to make time for people without any problems.

I worked as a network administrator for two years and even ran my own company for three years. I closed the company to finish my bachelor's degree. I have multiple computer certifications and a strong knowledge of computer networking and computer programming. I will be taking another network administration job as soon as I finish school as it is already setup and waiting.

Recently, I have been trying to focus on defining myself as the individual that I am rather than conforming to what makes everyone else happy. I have been opening my mind up to all music rather than staying with what I know I like. I have discovered many unpopular bands that have great music and a solid message. I don't watch much television, but when I do I make sure it is something educational so I can spend my time with facts rather than get caught up in the endless junk that is broadcasting twenty-four hours a day.

I feel like my outlook on society makes me unique. Perhaps not completely, but it certainly puts me into a much smaller group than most. I tend to have a bleek outlook on society. I try to enjoy all the small things in life. It is nice to just open your eyes to see what is around you and take notice of all the small things we take for granted everyday. I do not have to be constantly entertained by anyone or anything. I keep my life to the very basics to help me keep my perspective in place. I believe that taking time for self reflection is important so you don't lose yourself.

I usually do not initiate conversation, but I am sure to reply to any messages received. Feel free to send me a message if you would like to know me better.