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re: Twiin-- most of the side effects of Depo Provera aren't that common. The most common side effect is weight gain, but only because it increases appetite. If you use Depo and don't eat any more than usual, you won't gain weight. The massive mood swings usually only occur in those prone to mood swings or depression. As for the spotting and bleeding for three months, spotting may occur during the first month, and possibly bleeding, but, those symptoms usually subside within one month. And bleeding isn't a terribly common symptom either. The crying, screaming, emotional wreck and bleeding from the genitals for three months is a massive overstatement that would scare away any woman thinking about trying Depo. I imagine that happens to less then 10 percent of the women who use Depo. Probably less than that even. I recommend that anyone interested read the literature on the following websites and consult a doctor. This drug has been around for years, but not many people know about it, so there are myths floating about. It's highly effective, much cheaper than the pill, doesn't have to be taken every day, and though it has more side effects than the pill, they're not terribly common. If a woman doesn't like it, all she has to do is let it wear off.
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Also, in response to Twiin's reply to my post- It's unfortunate that his friends had bad experiences with Depo, but it's important to remember that not everyone will have such experiences. Also, doctors strongly caution women to either abstain from sex or use backup protection (ie- a condom) for at least a week after receiving the injection to insure that it will be effective.

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