"I want you."

A phrase heard all too often in the context of sexual desire. Flattering, somewhat, but in a way, not. When a man tells me this, it flashes through my head that he would want any woman of a decent body type, personality. Sure, he wants me now... but will he want me when we've had an argument? Will he want me when I gain 30 pounds? Will he want me when I'm depressed? Will he want me when I'm pregnant? *shakes head* Someone's desire to be with you sexually is an ego-boost; that's a given. I want people to be attracted to me, yes... but it's not ultimately what I want.

I'd much rather hear a man say "I want you" in the context that he wants to be with me, talk with me, spend time with me, cheer me up when I'm down, have me there to lift sorrow and stress off his shoulders when he needs it... I want to hear "I want you" as in "I want you to share your life with me, and I want to share mine with you, no matter what happens."