A couple of Houston area sickos that called themselves the Radio Gods, who had a morning radio show on Rock 101 KLOL (101.1 FM). Well, they're off the air now, sort of. Pruett renewed his contract and now does the morning show without Stevens (Grego is now the cohost). They (S&P) still have their website at http://www.radiogods.com, and everybody else is still there, including Eddie "The Boner" Sanchez and Locke Siebenhausen. If you enjoyed Howard Stern you would probably have really liked the Stephens and Pruett show -- similar dirty jokes and whatnot, but they were more polite and (usually) in better taste. Their listeners were referred to as Groove Dogs, and every morning they'd do a sketch starring Uncle Waldo, traffic report by Laurie Kendrick and sports with Craig Roberts. Oh, and, of course, Chuck Shramek would do his newscast followed by Elaine Closure with Totally Naked Phone-Sex Traffic. Typical morning radio-show I'd guess.