I am lying on my side, under thin white sheets, in a dark classroom. There are lots of people watching a movie here. Two people are standing over me, and I'm waiting for them to finish a conversation. One of them is a doctor. Things get very dark and when I wake up again I am on my side still, under cold wet sheets and they are cutting open my side. I'm very cold and there is blood all over me. I don't feel to much pain, but my stomach feels unbelievably strange. I am a guy, but for some reason it doesn't seem odd to me or anyone else that they are pulling a fetus out of me. When it is out, the doctor starts stitching me up.

No one else pays any attention.
I don't know what the fetus was or where it went.
This dream felt very real, but I felt very numb.

Followup (Late night): This dream has been bothering me all day. I feel like I've lost something and I don't know what it was. More than that, I don't know why. I really feel like something happened to me, that something is missing from my mind, and I'm worried about how I can live without it.