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Erm . . . I'm Neo Pagan. A Neo Druid offshoot really. I like to call it Druinism, but you can't really have a name for a religion if there's only one member hehe. My pagan name is Druik, or Druik the Redleaf (Druik y Cochdeilen or something I rarely use Welsh anymore) I'm left wing to HELL. And, if you look at my beautiful specialties, I am a GODLIKE writer (noone can read my stories without being entranced, and I'm a fucking teenager(I WILL ONE DAY RULE YOU LIKE A KING!)) Yes, I'm very humble aren't I? Back to my writing prowess. As a humble person, I rarely brag about anything intentionally, but there comes a point when everyone around is telling you you have a remarkable gift, you have TONS of awards, and you just can't hold back your excitement for the ONE thing you like about yourself. Well I also have red hair. That's pretty kick ass. Seriously random people come up to me and say they love my hair. That's simply creepy. Oh, and I like studying religions. And the Celts, and basically all ancient history, but my focus is on theology and the Celts(that Kelts not Selts you moronic basketball players/language BUTCHERERS). On a personal note, (I'm rather open, since I don't care for secrets, although it usually comes back to bite me in the ass) I'm an occasionally suicidal cutter who basically hates himself. Yes, despite the writing prowess. I have lots of friends, but only about 6 i feel close to, and the others . . . well to be honest I utterly HATE many of them. My best friend right now is a girl, so feel proud to be one of the few exceptions to the nerd=girl no likey. HA! I'm addicted to Penny Arcade. Best . . . site . . . ever. Er no offense E2 hehe. I like metal, rock, and alternative music, particularly Nirvana, NIN and Rammstein, and I HATE rap, country, R&B, Reggae and w/e other crap comes out of those genres. I enjoy poking people. Very, very much. I honestly can't emphasize enough the joy that sweeps through me as I poke my lazy friends to make them do something. Ahh the relief, the excitement, the tender love and impatience all blended together in that one (yeah right, like one's enough) little jab of the finger. *Sigh*