A motorcycle named the Kawasaki ZZR (north america, or zx6r abroad) is available in a newly revised fashion for 2005. The bike is now the 2001 zx6r, a race bike. This model was up until this year always a heavy underpowered cruiser. The difference between the 2004 zzr and 2005 zzr is an increase of 20 horsepower and 200 pounds decreased weight. The color for this bike is a deep blue with metal flake. The bike is 375 pounds without gas. 120 miles per tank is the mileage. The metal A-Frame design to house the engine is very shiny, but not chrome. the stock wheels are aluminum, with no chrome as an option at the dealership.

The bike is different from the 2005 zx6r. The newest ZX6r has a larger bore, and more expensive brakes. the engine on that model has 636 cc, while the zzr has a competitive 599 CC. The final two differences are price, the 2005 zzr costs 6299, in oregon with no taxes, or in all more hellish geographic planes, about 8,000. the 2005 zx6r, while barely different from the 2001 zx6r, has electronic fuel ignition for the spark plugs, meaning the bike does not need carbeurator timing, and does not need a 5 minute warm up before it goes, like my 2005 ZZR.

The final note for those interested in bikes, the vinyl decal for my ZZr so that it would look like the beautiful 2001 zx6r (the words Ninja about 10 x ) cost 250$. This bike pulls low 11 second quarter mile, and has around 95 hp with a aftermarket muffler.

The 2006 version is silver, unchanged in any other way. I suppose the ZZR does not mean ZZ Recall, though i heard this was the acronym.