Happy E2 Birthday to Me
Happy E2 Birthday to Me

Wow. A whole year. 12 nodes. I must create more. Friends? A few...Maybe... Only 12 nodes. I can't believe it. In hindsight it looks as if most of them were written half-assed after 10 minutes of google. Only two from experience, written from the heart. Is that all I know, Sniping and piracy? Surely my life consists of something more worth sharing with you beautiful people. Poetry? Intricately written literary masterpieces?


Am I soulless, unable to feel the things that move us all? Certainly not. I do need an outlet for the love I feel. E2? No. I cannot, no matter how I try, make any text convey emotion. Maybe someday I will be gifted enough with the words of the English language. Perhaps a fellow noder? Perhaps someday...but not today, not yet.

I've taken more than I've given. Much more. What do I want to be? What can I help E2 become? I must write, complement the great masterpieces already in place. My homenode must be something that I can display with pride, something which allows all of you to understand the deepest parts of me, not just the naked stats of my subdued noding career.

My writing skills are humbled by yours. I can only hope I will know and do 1% of the things you've done in 4 short years before I die. It won't be easy, but in the end, I know it's worth every last bit.